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Conscientious and client-orientated Chambers Guide to the UK Legal Profession

Clients were quick to praise general helpfulness, approachability and clear advice Chambers Guide to the UK Legal Profession

They have a comprehensive but powerful machine that meets what clients need. Very good at thinking about the bigger picture Chambers Guide to the UK Legal Profession

The Slough-based firm boasts a well-regarded franchising practice that is regularly across the table from London firms negotiating franchise agreements or handling disputes Chambers Guide to the UK Legal Profession

At Owen White our outlook is a bit different. We specialise in areas that interest us. We’re enthusiastic about what we do, which means we’re better at it. It’s a simple approach, but one that works.


Franchise Resales – a guide for Franchisors

Ideally a departing franchisee will be immediately replaced, either by a new recruit to the network or by an existing franchisee wishing to expand their territory. In either case the departing franchisee will usually want to realise the value of the business he or she has created, so a business sale of some form will take place.

How reasonable is a reasonable investigation?

When an employee has been dismissed due to misconduct, and the employee then brings a claim that the dismissal was unfair, the employer will have to show the Tribunal that it had reasonable grounds for holding a genuine belief that the employee had been guilty of misconduct, and that the employer had undertaken a reasonable investigation prior to reaching that decision.

How much are my employees entitled to be paid in holiday pay?

The Employment Appeal Tribunal delivered a judgment which dismissed an appeal by the employers against an earlier Employment Tribunal ruling that overtime payments should be included in the calculation of holiday pay. In particular the judgment looked at whether overtime payments should include as part of holiday pay, sums for non-guaranteed overtime.